The Faces of Amnesty

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The Final Showdown: Interaction Design 2017 Viva

We have written our individual reports, the group project summary, design brief and prototype report based on the overall process of the "Faces of Amnesty" project. With this complete, we began to prepare for the VIVA presentation on the 24th... Continue Reading →


Week 10: User Testing

It's an exciting time in the project as our vision of The Faces of Amnesty is starting to become physical and interactive. However, we must remember that we are designing with the aims and insights in mind. Becoming carried away... Continue Reading →

Week 10: Lecture

Project process: Initial research Analysis Insights Have three main insights in project summary. Viva - We found lots of interesting findings, but the main insights are which we found from, so we responded in this way... Make it clear that... Continue Reading →

Week 10: Projection Content Manipulation

We're getting towards the end of our project and are currently on track. The projection interface cube has been assembled allowing the projection mapping to take place. Beforehand, we tested the face mosaic concept in photoshop. See the process below...... Continue Reading →

Week 10: Technical Requirements and Equipment Specification

If Amnesty were to use The Faces of Amnesty demonstration in The Bearpit, we would need to brief them on all of the equipment and resources necessary. In response, we have written a detailed document summarising the projection scenario as... Continue Reading →

Week 10: Building The Final Prototype

Initial Cube Dimensions: Cubes 1, 2 and 4: Width: 50cm Height: 25cm Cube 3 - Main cube: Width: 50cm Height: 50cm Cutting - Final Prototype Cube Dimensions: Cubes 1, 2 and 4: Width: 59cm Height: 25cm Cube 3 - Main... Continue Reading →

Week 9: Lecture & Workshop

At this point, we need to get down to the nitty gritty of our prototype specification. To-Do List: Technical and equipment specification: detailed list of all technical equipment, resources and physical structure involved in the production of the project. If... Continue Reading →

Week 9: Trade Book Ideas

Week 9: Main Insights – Short List

The thematic analysis of data acquired from research and interviews reveals main insights, most relevant in the development of our dataset: Insights: Amnesty are constantly in need of awareness and support. Amnesty are always looking for innovative street demonstrations. Amnesty is... Continue Reading →

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