Interaction Design – Society and Technology (42%)

Disability Culture, Civic Technologies, Design for Children 

Important Dates:

  • March 16th – Design brief presentation
  • April 6th – Blackboard submission
  • April 13th – Trade book submission

Activity 1 – Design-based research:

We must select an organisation such as a charity, community interest group or company that is working in one or more of the following areas: disability, civic participation, children.

We will research, analyse and discuss:

  • The aims and purpose of the organisation.
  • The activities and services the organisation offers to achieve their aims.
  • The people that use the service or organisation.
  • A design problem for the organisation that we as designers can support.

Research methods:

  • Conducting interviews with staff and users at the organisation (no surveys).
  • Literature review.
  • Observations of events and activities.
  • Research and analyse competitors and the wider market.

Activity 2 – Design brief and presentation:

Using research and the design brief template write out a group design brief that sets out:

  • The design problem.
  • The context of the design problem.
  • Group design brief presentation – 5 minutes.
  • Provide constructive feedback to peers.

Activity 3 – Prototyping and final report:

Using research and the design brief as a group:

  • Develop and document a series of concepts, which show an iterative design process using written and visual materials.
  • Develop a high-fidelity prototype or system mock-up that represents the final design solution.
    • Demonstrate how the organisation and its users will use the prototype.
    • Use technology that given the resources and time we could feasibly implement.
  • Discuss how this prototype meets the design brief.
  • Create a group prototype report describing the design processes and final prototype – 1250 words.

Activity 4 – Documentation: Twitter feed and group blog:

  • Individual twitter feed, which provides an overview of the work carried out.
  • Group blog, which will provide an overview of the project progression.

Activity 5 – Design and print a trade book:

As a group, we will present our project as a printed ‘trade book’ using Blurb printing service.

This book will include:

  • A brief overview of the group research
  • The design brief
  • The prototype report
  • An overview of our final prototype design

The trade book should include a range of images, and make use of engaging and contemporary design approaches. We can use design software of our choosing and upload a PDF or use the Blurb book making software.

  • Book type: Trade book, soft cover.
  • Size: 15 cm x 23 cm
  • Printing style: Standard colour printing.
  • Pages: 24.

It takes around 2 weeks for the trade book to be delivered, so unsure to start the trade book at the beginning of March.

Marking Breakdown:

Research and blog – 30%

  • Are the research findings thorough and clearly presented?
  • Are appropriate research methods used?
  • Is there a clear structure to the report?
  • Are there suitable illustrations and annotations?
  • Does the blog provide a clear engagement by the group in the project?

Design brief – 10%

  • Does the brief present a clearly defined design problem that is relevant to the chosen organisation?

Design solution – 40%

  • How far does the design solution go towards fulfilling the design brief?
  • Is the prototype or system mock-up able to demonstrate the concept for the design solution in an articulate manner?
  • Does the final design demonstrate that students have taken a creative and innovative approach to solving the design brief?

Design summary, trade book and poster – 20%

  • Has the group been able to articulate their research findings and subsequent design insights in a concise summary and poster?
  • Does the trade book convey an overview of the project in an engaging manner?

Submission guidelines:

The report must be submitted in PDF with my name and student number in the filename using the ACM or the Springer template.

Overview of activities:

A prototype system to support an organisation, in one of the following areas: Disability culture, civic participation, or design for children.

  1. Research into the aims, activities and service users for the organisation.
  2. Write a design brief which identifies a design problem for the organisation.
  3. Prototype a design solution based on the design brief, document it and present it as a hi-fidelity prototype or system mock-up.
  4. Document the project using a group blog and individual twitter account.
  5. Design and print a 24-page ‘trade book’ using blurb – Trade book softcover £1.49, £6.99 standard delivery estimate 2 weeks.


A PDF report, which contains:

  1. An individual research journal – 750 words
  2. A group design brief – 500 words
  3. A group prototype report – 1250 words

We will then provide the following:

  1. A group high-fidelity prototype or system mock up
  2. A URL to the group blog detailing the project process.
  3. A PDF group project summary with a single image that illustrates the project – 300 words