Society & Technology – VIVA & Poster Session (30%)


Assignment Overview:

  • Poster presentation – Controlled conditions.
  • 5 minutes to discuss our research and demo our design.
  • 5 minutes to answer questions – Two examiners.

We will be expected to have the following at our presentation:

  • A high fidelity prototype or system mock-up of our final design solution.
  • A poster summarising our research, design problem and design solution.
  • Multiple printed copies of our individual research reports.
  • Do not prepare a slide presentation – talk about research and use our poster and prototype to demo as supporting material.


  • High fidelity prototype – Should be available on a suitable device (if appropriate).
  • Poster – Printed A1 in full colour (placed in a prominent position above table).
  • Presentation – 5 minutes verbal presentation using the poster and prototype as props.
  • VIVA – 5 minutes with two examiners based on our presentation.

Note: Presentation & VIVA will be filmed for double marking and the external examiner.

What should be included on the poster?

  • Project name.
  • The names of everyone in the group.
  • A concise description of our research.
  • The design problem/space that we have identified based on our research.
  • How we have developed our prototype to engage with this design problem/space.
  • Clear illustrations of the key aspects of our project.
  • Compelling effective visual design.

What should be included in the presentation?

To pass the presentation & VIVA we will need to be able to talk about our project clearly and concisely and answer any questions the examiners have.

We must decide how to divide the time for the presentation.

We need to be able to talk about the following:

  • What the project is about.
  • Why the project matters.
  • What we did.
  • What the resulting design was.
  • And what the take-home message is.

Tips on giving a poster presentation and creating an effective poster:

  • How to give a Poster Presentation – Mike Dowman
  • Poster Presentations – The Writing Centre UWM
  • How to make a great poster – ASPB
  • Student Research Competition – CHI4good

Marking Guidance:

  • Research and Learning – Has the group been able to articulate their research findings and subsequent design insights in a concise poster and presentation format? Can the group demonstrate an engagement with current design practice in their chosen area?
  • Prototype Demonstration – Does the prototype demonstration show a thoughtful consideration of interaction design principles in relation to the target audience, their activities and the content? Has the prototype been designed in response to the groups research insights and design brief?
  • Answer To Questions – Do students answer questions from examiners in a professional manner? Do the students answers demonstrate an active engagement with their project? Are students willing to reflect on constructive criticism and give considered answers in response?

We must be setup and ready to present and answer VIVA questions by the stated time or we will receive 0% for this component.