During our week two meeting, we discussed various ideas, which we may/may not take forward once we have met those at Amnesty International/completed observations.

This blog post will continue to grow as the first few weeks progress until we find the specific problem/user group we are designing for.

  • How do we make modern protests effectively move from a movement into politics to allow for real world change? – How to successfully protest… Doing it right.

  • Educating the younger generation on civic participation in school, or even after school, could make them more knowledgeable and engaged with civics and real world issues, thus potentially increasing the likelihood of achieving change in the world.

  • Interactive bus stop advertisement.
  • Inspired by an Amnesty International video – A powerful figure sculpture that the public can sign, along with the possibility to sign up to support Amnesty International.
  • The Bubble – To educate young adults on civic participation, pop their bubble, introduce them to real-world issues and engage them with civics.