After deciding on Amnesty International as the organisation for our group to design a solution for, the group then started to come up with questions for the Amnesty Head of the South West Fundraising Team.

After some discussion, we have determined that we need to plan our formal interview questions.  We will be interviewing Alice Podd, South West Regional Manager, during the third or fourth week.  We are hoping to learn where she most wants our project to focus on – as our ideas span at the moment from fundraising to helping protesters get their messages across more.  We are also hoping to achieve a link to the Bristol amnesty team or street installation directors.

We have considered both formal and informal questions to be asked, though as we need to know the direction the project should go, having a formal, structured interview with open questions will probably be the most beneficial.  This is because the interview will need to be structured enough to get the detail required.

We will record this interview with pen, paper and an audio recording device if agreed by the interviewee (Alice Podd).

The draft of formal interview questions are listed below:

  • Why are Amnesty International needed and what would they like to achieve?
  • What problems are Amnesty International trying to solve?
  • Who is the Amnesty International going to impact?
  • What are the constraints? (cost, ethics, specific factors etc)
  • What are your thoughts on slacktivism/activism?
  • What are the main objectives of Amnesty International?
  • How much have they managed to change already?
  • How much would they like to have achieved by 2020?
  • What areas do they feel could be improved (problem areas)?

The questions below are quite vague and will be answered during an informal interview/discussion if the need for one arises:

  • Who would they like us to design for? (Amnesty or Amnesty’s funders?)
  • What is the design scope or problem?
  • What would they like us to focus on? Those already involved with Amnesty, or to make more people aware of the good Amnesty do.
If they would like us to focus on those involved with Amnesty: If they would like us to focus on getting more people involved with Amnesty:
  • Give those at Amnesty a better experience as a funder?
  • Help them put their points across during protests, etc.
  • Persuading more sign ups?
  • To make more people aware?

UPDATE: Interview Questions for the meeting with South West Regional Manager of Amnesty rewritten

Why have the interview questions been enhanced? 

Amnesty is a huge organisation that deals with human rights which is, of course, an incredibly broad subject. The scope of issues that Amnesty has dealt with in the past up and at present is hard to sum up in a few sentences. Therefore, we need to ensure that our interview questions are specific in order that we obtain the most relevant and insightful response from our interviewee.

Asking questions like ‘what problems are you trying to solve’ or ‘who is amnesty going to impact’ is far too broad and it would probably take the interviewee some time to figure out how they are going to answer this question.

Upon reviewing the draft questions, we have amended them to be more subject specific and relatable to current media, politics and technologies.

The Interview will be fairly structured in that the questions will act as a guideline. However, the interviewer shall not be restricted by the structured questions and should feel free to ask follow-on or spontaneous questions, if the moment is right. Probing is an important interview skill and we shall endeavour to optimise this as the more insights from inside, the better.

Amended Interview questions:

1. How does amnesty international work?

2. What are the current objectives of amnesty international?

3. What are your biggest campaigns at the moment?

4. What are your biggest challenges as an organisation?

5. What technologies have you previously utilised to gain awareness or help people in some way? Can you think of any that were tangible or interactive?

6. What have you used previously to help you achieve research into issues?

7. Street Art installation? Your thoughts?

8. What have you done before in bristol street wise?