Ethical Review Checklist for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Modules

Please provide project details and complete the checklist below.

Project Details:

Module name Interaction Design
Module code UFCFQ5-30-3
Module leader Keir Williams
Project Supervisor Keir Williams
Proposed project title To be confirmed

Applicant Details:

Name of Student Abbey Horton, Kate Brooks and Lucy Stanton
Student Number 13004619, 13035838, 13007817
Student’s email address


Does the proposed project involve human tissue, human participants, animals, environmental damage, or the NHS. Yes The project involves human participants – That will be asked a variety of questions regarding Amnesty International to aid our research.
Will participants be clearly asked to give consent to take part in the research and informed about how data collected in the research will be used? Yes Each participant will be made aware that any information or opinions they may have will be collected and used solely for the purpose of our research for this project.
If they choose, can a participant withdraw at any time (prior to a point of “no return” in the use of their data)?  Are they told this? Yes Of course, participants can withdraw at any time, and research collected from the participant will be discarded, all of which they will be told when ask to be a participant.
Are measures in place to provide confidentiality for participants and ensure secure management and disposal of data collected from them? Yes Participants can proceed with aiding us with our research anonymously if they wish to, which they will be asked when approached to be a participant.
Does the study involve people who are particularly vulnerable or unable to give informed consent (eg, children or people with learning difficulties)? No
Could your research cause stress, physical or psychological harm to humans or animals, or environmental damage? No
Could any aspects of the research lead to unethical behaviour by participants or researchers (eg, invasion of privacy, deceit, coercion, fraud, abuse)? No
Does the research involve the NHS or collection or storage of human tissue (includes anything containing human cells, such as saliva and urine)? No

Your explanations should indicate briefly for Qs 2-4 how these requirements will be met, and for Qs 5-8 what the pertinent concerns are.  

  • Minimal Risk: If Q 1 is answered ‘No’, then no ethics approval is needed.
  • Low Risk: If Qs 2-4 are answered ‘Yes’ and Qs 5-8 are answered ‘No’, then no approval is needed from the Faculty Research Ethics Committee (FREC).  However, your supervisor must approve (a) your information and consent forms (Qs 2 & 3) and (b) your measures for participant confidentiality and secure data management (Q4).
  • High Risk: If any of Qs 5-8 are answered ‘Yes’, then you must submit an application for full ethics approval before the project can start. This can take up to 6 weeks. Consult your supervisor about how to apply for full ethics approval.

Risk Assessment:  Separate guidance on risk assessment can be found on UWE’s Health and Safety forms webpage at If needed, you must complete a Risk Assessment form. This must also be attached to your application for full ethics approval if your project is High Risk.

Your supervisor must check your responses above before you submit this form.
Submit this completed form via the Assignments area in Blackboard (or elsewhere if so directed by the module leader or your supervisor).
After you have uploaded this form, your supervisor will confirm it has been correctly completed by “marking” it as Passed/100% via the My Grades link on the Blackboard.

Further research ethics guidance is available at