Tails is a mobile operating system that can be used on any computer and is independant of any operating system.  It allows users to write documents, edit photos or send emails whilst staying completely anonomous.

Tails is an operating system used to preserve a user’s privacy and anonymity.  It can be used from an SD card, DVD or USB stick independently of the computer’s operating system, allowing the user to only use it when they wish to remain anonomous and once it is shut down, the original operating system starts up as usual.  It comes with a web browser, office suite, email and instant messaging suite, etc.  This software uses cryptographic tools to encrypt files, emails and instant messaging, enabling complete anonymity.

Tails is called “amnesic” because the only storage it uses is RAM, which is automatically erased when the user shuts the computer down.  Because of this, it can be used on any computer – even one in a library.  Documents can still be saved to another USB stick or external hard drive, but the user would have to explicitly state that they wish to.

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