Thinking about what we can do for our project, a potential idea could be some sort of social experiment that is powerful, current and makes an impact on one of the many issues that Amnesty International are currently fighting, to raise awareness.

Social experiments are very popular today and are used to make an impact, inspire and educate people on certain issues. A person or group of people go out in public, conduct a social experiment, make a statement and try to inspire others, whilst recording the whole situation, publishing it and attempting to reach as many people as possible with their message.

Amnesty International – A Powerful Experiment

Four minutes of eye contact brings people closer to each other better than everything else.

This video demonstrates that carrying out this simple experiment brings people together, no matter what the circumstances are. From watching this video you can see that the people looking into each other’s eyes are learning about them just from looking, seeing their pain, their experience, their wisdom, their hurt, their love, their humanity. We are all human, we are all the same, and at the end of the day, we do not see race, we do not see what one’s country has done, we see the person, special and unique.

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Momondo: The DNA Journey

Ancestry (2016) Momondo: The DNA journey. Available from: [Accessed 06 February 2017].

Pray for Syria Social Experiment (Faith in Humanity Restored)

Simply because one country is given more attention than the rest, does not mean the rest do not matter. “I raise my hands in prayer for Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and the rest of the world”.

“Let’s strive to make a difference, inspire and preach unity one video at a time until the message is clear. United we stand.


More interesting social experiments…

These videos aren’t necessarily relevant to our project, but these social experiments do make an impact with their message. Just to get a few ideas, see what people have tried and what works.

What happens when we stop putting people in boxes…

EducateInspireChangeTV (2017) What happens when we stop putting people in boxes … Available from: [Accessed 06 February 2017].

Most Shocking Racism Social Experiments Compilation

YesLaughYes (2016) Most shocking racism social experiments compilation. Available from: [Accessed 06 February 2017].

$1 And I Won’t Vote For Trump! (Social Experiment)

Pranks Network (2016) $1 and I won’t vote for trump! (social experiment). Available from: [Accessed 06 February 2017].

Hot Girl VS Homeless Man! (Social Experiment)

RiskyRobTV (2016) Hot girl VS homeless man! (social experiment). Available from: [Accessed 06 February 2017].