To be taken from the blog post explaining the idea

After coming with our idea we have decided that we need to carry out a brainstorming session. The brainstorming session will be half an hour to an hour long in order to brainstorm enough potential questions to include in the project.

We will carry out the brainstorming session tomorrow, using the session to individually write up a variety of potential questions onto post-it notes. For example:

Question, Part One: In the United Kingdom, every person uses approximately ____ liters of water per day.

Answer: 150

Question, Part Two: How many children die each day due to unsafe water and poor sanitation?

Answer: 900


  • More than 315,000 children die every year from unsafe water and poor sanitation.
  • 1 in 3 of the world’s population – 2.4 billion people don’t have access to adequate sanitation.
  • 663 million people live without safe water.

Once we have come up with a variety of questions through the brainstorming/ideation session, we will then thematically analyse the questions which we have to identify themes within the questions.

When we have idenified the themes within our questions we will have a better idea of the specific areas in which we want to focus the main project on. We will then choose between three to six themes that we will take forward to research in-depth. This will then allow us to come up with further questions within each of these themes and in turn should enable us to develop the specific questions in which will be included within the project. Hopefully, meaning that we have our questions for the project ready and set up to implement within our interactive environment to educate and raise awareness of the human rights issues that Amnesty International are facing and fighting to change.


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