I have just written two emails to both Louise Baker from Bristol City Council and Seamus Foley from the At-Bristol, saying:

“I am studying at the University of the West of England and three of us are working on a group project for Interaction Design, concerning civic participation.  We have chosen to base our subject on Amnesty International and would like to know if it would be possible to use one of your large screens.

We are thinking of using one of the screens to ask members of the public questions about particular campaigns and make the content relatable to statistics.

We would like to know when it would be available, also how much it would cost and if it could be used in conjunction with a tablet/iPad.”

This email was written in hopes that we will be permitted to use one of the big screens in Bristol for a social experiment, where members of the public answer questions about particular campaigns and the answers are displayed on the screen.

I have done some research on the big screens and it is stated that their site includes a motion-sensitive camera on top of the screen, but it does not say which one.  It was also mentioned that some of the screens are easier to use than others and some can be quite expensive to hire.

If this is not possible, however, we will try to do something similar in university, though, as UWE is one of Big Screen Bristol’s stakeholders, we may be in luck.


Louise Baker has replied saying that the management of the Big Screen has now moved to the At-Bristol, so she has put us in touch with Alexis Hobson.  Hopefully she will get back soon.


Alexis Hobson replied with the below email:


What we gained from this email is:

1) The screen isn’t usable with an iPad/tablet, but we could use slides or a video

2) It could be free if we use it Monday – Friday 9-5, otherwise there will be a fee

3) If Amnesty International is involved there could still be a small fee, but we don’t know how much

4) She would like to know exactly what our plans are – which we aren’t sure of yet, either.

And so I replied with:


Whist I was writing this email Seamus Foley also replied with:


So I replied with:


Bristol City Council (2013) Big Screen Bristol. [online] 22 October. Available from: https://www.bristol.gov.uk/documents/20182/33215/FAQ+for+Big+Screen+Bristol.pdf [Accessed 08 February 2017].