Creative Technologies Showcase

Friday 17th February

Set up at 10am – Bristol By Balloon

12pm – 3pm

Children & Technology

Constructivism, Turtles & Digital Natives

The scandal of education is that every time you “teach” someone something you deprive him or her of the possibility of learning it – Seymour Papert

  • Repeating something until you figure out how to do it right.
  • Dependent on the learner you are, you learn by doing.
  • Learning through experience, for example, children learning to walk are not taught how to walk.
  • Trial and error, test it, break it, test it another way.

Hard Fun:

Children never get turned off learning things that are hard, but if it is inaccessible they reject it.

Forest Schools:

Field trips to the forest, children go and get muddy, climb trees, draw with sticks – Embodied learning.

Playful Structures – Models to understand the world

For example:

  • Mindcraft – Construction, building, learning within an environment.
  • Lego – Build anything with it, you can ‘make belief’ with it, tangible.

Formal Learning:

  • School learning
  • Curriculum
  • Fills the gaps

Concrete Learning:

  • Natural education
  • Doing stuff
  • Initiative
  • Logic
  • Real world
  • Computers – Opportunity, micro-worlds in which we can explore things, visual.

Learning should not be imposed on the child

Construct artificial worlds


  • Learning as reconstruction, not by transfer.
  • Discovery based on learning.
  • Learning is most effective when making and manipulating physical objects.
  • Engagement, closer to love than logic, little to do with explanation.

Technology for children:

  • Scratch
  • Logo
  • Rasberry Pi