• The civil war in Syria has claimed over 200,000 lives.
  • Syrians fleeing in search of a safer life in Europe.
  • 32,414 people claimed asylum in the United Kingdom in 2015.
  • Asylum seekers must attend an interview with the Home Office to determine if they can stay in the United Kingdom – It can take months to get an interview and then they have to wait and see if they are granted refugee status.
  • Syria’s neighbouring countries have ‘absorbed’ most of the nearly 4 million refugees from the conflict.
  • Until refugee status has been granted refugees are not allowed to work and live off of £5 per day benefits. £35 per week to live off of.
  • The EU referendum – The focus on immigration, new figures showed that net migration to the UK had risen to the second highest level since records began.
  • Refugees with refugee status are entitled to the standard Jobseeker’s Allowance of £73.10 per week.
  • Migration to the UK rose to 333,000 last year. The figures have been seized upon by the Brexit campaign, saying it was cynical of the government to pledge to bring immigration down to the tens of thousands.

“I don’t know if it’s my right to be in the UK or not, but it’s my right also to not be in Syria, It’s my right to be in a safe place.” – Thaer

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