This post is purely to maintain group communication and synchronicity so that we can observe our progress to now. This will help us to avoid being bogged down by the quantity of blog posts when writing our reports, as well as not missing any valuable exercises or key information out.

Week one:

  • Learning about public spaces and how it effects people
  • Amnesty International initial research
  • Created over all project timeline

Week two:

  • Initial project ideas
  • Interview preparation for Alice Podd
  • Research into global politics and society
  • Ethical review checklist
  • Researched campaigns and utilisation of technology
  • Amnesty video research

Week three:

  • Amnesty security research
  • Transcribed interview with Alice Podd
  • Researched Amnesty’s user groups and how it relates to us
  • Contacted Tanya O’carroll
  • Ideas to date
  • Research external experiments and their emotional impacts

Week four:

  • Amnesty magazine review and insights gained
  • Initial agreement on a main focus and idea
  • Email to Bristol City Council and @Bristol regarding potential design space
  • Defined content strategies for ideas (i.e. questions and answers)
  • Potential interview at project space preparation
  • Researched into the Double diamond design model
  • Analysed the interview qualitative data with Alice Podd
  • Examined QDA coding techniques
  • Research into relatable contexts
  • Antonio Gould

Week 5:

  • Advice with Dr. Rob Phillips (Plus Keir and Audrey)
  • Researched field visit to Amnesty book store
  • Researched project engagement and community space
  • Simplified Amnesty campaign topics and defined areas of choice
  • Defined our goals
  • Defined our mission statements from goals
  • Ideaised another more advanced idea

Currently, by back tracking to our primary goals and holding back on the initial idea, we have come up with another idea that’s more firmly based on our interview insights and goals. To organise ourselves in regards to how we move forward, we have made a to-do list to follow for week 6:

Wee 6 T0-do:

  • Research into Contextualisation (referred to by Dr. Rob Phillips) (done)
  • Narrate questions to ask people at the book store.
  • Field visit on Tuesday 21st February to ‘Books for Amnesty’ store to chat to people related to Amnesty using Promise Tracker, as well as checking out potential spaces round Bristol, including the @Bristol TV screen.
  • Research more into projector projects street projects (i.e. Graffiti Research Lab sky scraper projections).
  • Five Whys Ideation exercise
  • Putting contextualisation into practise
  • Brainstorm for practise