This week we have the incredible Jemma Kamara in as our industry expert.

Jemma is a Senior Digital Producer and Product Strategist with experience working with both small start ups and internationally renowned properties. She helps her clients make sense of their brand ecosystem and wider competitive space; identifying areas for growth, and how to make their operations more efficient. She also designs and facilitates creative workshops to help shape and nurture ideas. In addition to strategic planning, Jemma has over 9 years experience in project planning and delivery. As a producer, she has led projects ranging from isolated user research projects through to multi-platform, revenue-generating game development. Jemma’s clients are from a vast range of industries including television/film, publishing, charities, advertising, technology companies and financial institutions. She is honoured to have led projects that have been nominated for and won prestigious awards such as the British Interactive Media Awards and the Children’s BAFTAs.

Resources (links not working for these in Keir’s email):


  • Laurence Clarke:


  • Touretteshero TED talk:

    Self-Directed Work:

  • BLOGS: Add notes from Antonio Gould’s and Dr Rob Phillips talks

  • BLOGS: As a group discuss where you are with the project.

  • READING: Watch, read and make notes.

  • TWITTER: Individually 3 x examples of innovative accessible technologies.