After speaking with Keir and agreeing that the street projection is a good idea, we’ve delegated some much needed research areas in preparation to proceeding the design proposal.

From this research, we aim to gain an understanding of the type of technologies we could be using in the projector demonstration, thinking in terms of accessibility, functionality and engagement. We want to learn how successful relatable projects have been in the past for promoting awareness and engagement.

The sort of questions we aim to answer through this research: Is the technology realistic to prototype? Do we need technical skills or guidance in this field? How do users react to Gorilla projections? (i.e. projecting statements onto community spaces).

Research links and blog:

  1. The Graffiti Research Lab:  – What technologies do they use. Examine a case study. (Kate)
  2. Check out open source software: Gorilla technology that Keir was talking about. (Lucy)
  3. Check out as a projectionartworks case study: Heineken Cup case study where they utilised a aesthetic stand to draw people in. Could we do this? Let’s research. (Abbey)