Whilst walking through town one day, we noticed that one of the entrances to Cabot Circus had the perfect surface area for a potential projection. We investigated by taking a few shots and observing people using the space.

The flat, wide and smooth surface area of the shopping centre would be perfect for the display of a crystal clear projection – there is even a balcony opposite the large wall where we could set up the projection.

The noticeable downsides were that the distance between the balcony and wall was too narrow, meaning the projection wouldn’t be shown properly. Also, the space was situated near a main road, drawing up safety concerns for onlooking pedestrians and drivers.

Particularly, that part of cabot circus is used as a gateway to and from the outside of the city to inside the shopping centre, so people did not tend to stop and congregate socially (unless they are withdrawing cash from the cashpoint). We are looking for a public space that is much more community driven and central to the city, appealing to our target audience, not just busy shoppers.

All in all, it was interesting to gain a new perspective of what parts of Bristol City Centre could be utilised for a projection campaign. Even though physically this space was perfect, the social dynamics and audience of the space did not suit our project.