Heineken Rugby World Cup 2015:

The ideascreen-shot-2017-02-28-at-15-09-36

How to create a virtual Twickenham Stadium, while conjuring all the raw excitement and pulse-stammering suspense of a World Cup rugby game? This was the challenge thrown at Heineken, in a loud and proud celebration of its partnership with the Rugby World Cup.

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For this project, the team transformed the iconic Somerset House into the home of England rugby, making one of the finest examples of Neoclassical architecture in the capital pulse with illusions of high-octane sport, fireworks and tier-upon-tier of zealously cheering rugby fans.

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Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 15.09.47.pngThe physics

The spectacular 270° mapping show was created as the centrepiece of a VIP launch party in celebration of the opening of the Rugby World Cup. The projection tied in with a competition Heineken ran to give away its famous coin toss to one lucky rugby fan – specifically designed by our animators to create a realistic ‘on the pitch’ experience. 

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The experienceScreen Shot 2017-02-28 at 15.09.51.png

It was the launch party to top all launch parties, attended by rugby fans in their thousands and rugby royalty such as Will Carling, Matt Dawson, Scott Quinnell and John Smith. It also racked up over 650, 000 views on Facebook and stole headlines in The Daily Mail, The Guardian and numerous other high-profile media outlets.

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  • A virtual Twickenham Stadium.
  • Raw excitement and suspense of a World Cup rugby game.
  • Celebrate the partnership of Heineken and the Rugby World Cup.


  • Somerset House – ‘Into the home of England rugby’.
  • Embracing the architecture with illusion.
  • Use of visuals and sound to create atmosphere.


  • 270• visual projection as the main focus.
  • ‘VIP launch party in celebration of the opening of the Rugby World Cup’.
  • Projection linked with Heineken competition – Famous coin toss.
  • Realistic ‘on the pitch’ experience.


  • Attended by rugby fans in their thousands.
  • Rugby royalty: Will Carling, Matt Dawson, Scott Quinnell and John Smith.
  • 650,000 views on Facebook.
  • Stole headlines in The Daily Mail, The Guardian and much more.


  • Creating an immersive interactive environment for a specific audience, providing entertainment, competitions, branding (such as the bar) etc, an experience people would want to be involved in and will remember.


Our Response:

By analysing the Projection Artworks project – the Heineken Rugby World Cup 2015 found that the way in which the event was carried out was extremely successful. Collaborating Heineken and the Rugby World Cup to offer Rugby and Heineken fans an interactive immersive experience. The event had extremely powerful reach, stealing headlines and racking up 650,000 views on Facebook.

This has made us think, what if we were to base our project on ‘A Celebration of Amnesty International’ and all of their achievements, with all of the people that support Amnesty International in their fight for human rights.

Of course, as a university project, we have nowhere near as much power and resources to carry out any kind of event like the Projection Artworks project Heineken Rugby World Cup 2015. However, the concept of our own version of the project is most certainly feasible.

Our Mission Statements

Emotion: “Through positive statements, we want to inspire members of the public to join the Amnesty people power movement.”

Education and Awareness: “Through our street demonstration, we aim to educate the public on Amnesty’s achievements that affect the lives of relatable, everyday people, in order to gain awareness and support.”

Space: “Amnesty’s ethos is a part of all of our lives and we are all collectively responsible in the fight for our human rights, which is why we are utilising public space to bring people together harmoniously.” – The Bearpit.

Note: If our project were ‘A Celebration of Amnesty International’ we could work with the UWE (currently inactive) and UoB Amnesty International Societies, Amnesty International South West Fundraising Team and members of the public.


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