Bearpit Improvement Group Vision:

A thriving public space that inspires significant change, innovation and social engagement shared within the community. It will remain ‘green’ in it’s principles and built to be financially sustainable, so it may be a respected and treasured destination on the Bristol map for a long time to come.

Our Response:

From researching into the Bearpit Improvement Group’s vision and aims, we were able to show how our idea would work well with the intended vision for the bearpit. Bringing the community together in a public space, to celebrate Amnesty’s achievements and inspire members of the public to support Amnesty in the fight for human rights, while utilising innovative technology to engage the community.

“A thriving public space…” – Space Mission Statement: Amnesty’s ethos is a part of all of our lives and we are all collectively responsible in the fight for our human rights, which is why we are utilising public space to bring people together harmoniously.

“…that inspires significant change…” – Emotion Mission Statement: Through positive statements, we want to inspire members of the public to join the Amnesty people power movement.

“…innovation…” – Technology: Interactive immersive projection statement environment.

“…and social engagement shared within the community.” – Education and Awareness Mission Statement: Through our street demonstration, we aim to educate the public on Amnesty’s achievements that affect the lives of relatable, everyday people, in order to gain awareness and support.

The Bearpit Improvement Groups Mission Statements:

  • To improve the ambience for all people who use and pass through it
  • To reduce the fear of crime for users of the underpass
  • To improve the physical usage of the space and include attractions
  • To act as a showcase for local artists and groups


Bearpit Group Bristol (2016) The Bearpit improvement group. Available from: [Accessed 28 February 2017].