Urban Projections: “The beautiful thing about taking art into public spaces is the ability to catch an audience off guard, and gain their attention.  It allows you to reach audiences that you otherwise may not, and bring creativity into the most unlikely of places.”

Urban Projections use bicycles to transport their gear, but with a twist – they have created the “Life Cycle”, which houses a high-powered projector (6000 ansi lumen), sound system battery pack and iPad.  This system enables fully mobile street art to be displayed without fear of losing power whilst also saving on set up time, as the projector will not need to be moved from the bike.  This is a very innovative way to display digital art in public spaces.

They have used it for different campaigns and festivals, where their canvasses have been both walls and pavements.  For example, the image below is of one of their projects “BEAM” to represent the young LGBT community in Hockley, Nottingham.


The below image is not of a guerrilla project, but is still inspirational – I like the mix of architecture and landscape projecting.


Below is a video of a similar system being used:

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