In order to begin writing up a concise and focused Design Brief, we thought that it was important to get our idea down on paper. This will allow us to visualise our project to ensure we all knew what we are trying to achieve with the project and our prototype.

First Prototype Sketch:

example sketch

Breakdown of the sketch:

  • ‘The Faces of Amnesty’ – Our potential project name, will consist of four cubes one on top of the other secured by a pole, in Bristols’ central city location, The Bearpit.
  • Top cube, long and thin – Will display ‘Amnesty International’ digitally or via projection onto the top cube. This will ensure that those who see the street demonstration associate it with Amnesty International and will also help raise awareness and draw members of the public into our street demonstration.
  • The cube below this, again long and thing – Will display a positive statement regarding one of Amnesty greatest achievements, for example, “55,000 prisoners of conscience freed since 1961.” This statement will then link in with the large cube below containing the main content.
  • The main cube, large – Will utilise camera equipment on the ground, the camera equipment will photograph willing participants, their photograph will then be project mapped onto the large cube. Their photograph will either be made up of the many faces of Amnesty, in this example the faces of the 55,000 freed prisoners of conscience, or an opaque layer of the 55,000 freed prisoners of conscience over the top of their photograph.
  • The bottom cube, long and thin – Will contain the appropriate social media information, for example “#FacesOfAmnesty”, to allow those who see the street demonstration and or take part in the street demonstration can update their social media profiles about it, hopefully raising more awareness of Amnesty’s greatest achievements and reach as many people as possible.

First Digitalised Version Of The Sketch:



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