Each group gave an update on their recent movements.

In this process, we must gather our research analysis, leading to the sum up of insights. We must make sure that 1. we can say what our project is clearly and 2. give a list of short but concise insights.

Why is technology needed? To collect vast amounts of data, technology reaches a wider audience. We need to be able to say why we are using technology. For example, someone might argue that a method not utilising technology might have worked well for the past 300 years, so why would technology help? We must be able to answer this question.

Proposals are good for team communication. Do you really need this phrase in your proposal? (Imagine that every word in your proposal cost £50 and each feature cost £1000 as Antonio Gould said, what would you keep?.

Viva is on the 26th April. Viva is a presentation with a Q&A – you can argue your point. Viva is in room 3Q16.

Books are not needed until 26th, in person (2 weeks over Easter to get it printed). Party on the 26th at the pub.

A note on our decision to make the statements in the project, there is actually a thing called ‘care-fatigue’ where people become tired of hearing about the problems charities face (for example, 1000 people die in this country due to lack of water a per minute) and just end up turning the TV off or ignoring fundraisers. Our positive messages will counteract this problem.

After discussing our insights gained from observing the design space, Keir reference that we should watch the ‘Secret Life of Urban Spaces’ (Newark, 60s). Kate’s already watched it which is why she noticed deals from observing the bear pit during our recent observation.

Project follow-up (i.e. after face is projected what happens?). Could post photo on Facebook with a short message, raising awareness, get them to get involved and engage them for a couple of visits.

We are creating an Amnesty campaign to promote awareness to the people of Bristol in the Bearpit. We will be using this technology because etc… insights etc…