At this point, we need to get down to the nitty gritty of our prototype specification.

To-Do List:

  • Technical and equipment specification: detailed list of all technical equipment, resources and physical structure involved in the production of the project. If we were to give the project to Amnesty to deploy, we would need a detailed list of everything involved with the project so that they could replicate our concept efficiently and accurately.
  • Ask about: projection equipment (wires and cost etc), projection mapping software (, meet with kier to discuss how we make the projection, acetate, software, size requirements of cube (to put in the project spec). Roycot screen for projecting onto. Scaffolding with black drapes on projection tower over peoples faces Photo Booth iPad to dropbox folder then program automatically uploads to software.

A Concise Way of Explaining Our Project

When meeting with clients, potential employers and Amnesty, it is imperative that we are able to describe our project concisely in a few short sentences,

The Faces of Amnesty is an interactive street projection designed to raise awareness about Amnesty’s achievements, in turn educating and involving the  people of Bristol. This came from insights, we found when exploring amnesty use of publicity want to get a positive mediate across of what amnesty do. therefore… 

The projection aims to inspire the public to join Amnesty’s people power movement by highlighting their accomplishments and emphasising we are collectively responsible in the fight for our human rights. The interactive selfie feature will consist of a willing member of the public taking a selfie on an amnesty tablet, which will then be generated into a face mosaic of the faces of those related in the statement, projected onto the large cube, below the statement and amnesty logo, with the hashtag underneath. 

We’ll utilise The Bearpit location to bring people of all backgrounds and ethnicities together harmoniously, chosen for its political atmosphere, community feel and central location.