If Amnesty were to use The Faces of Amnesty demonstration in The Bearpit, we would need to brief them on all of the equipment and resources necessary. In response, we have written a detailed document summarising the projection scenario as a whole, listing each technical aspect involved. This is so that Amnesty could successfully deploy the project without our input.

Technical Requirements and Equipment Specification

Organisation: Amnesty International

Street Demonstration: The Faces of Amnesty

Location: The Bearpit, Bristol

Summary: The Faces of Amnesty is an interactive street projection designed to raise awareness about Amnesty’s achievements.The projection looks to engage numerous people, consisting of four cubes and projectors. See details below.

Cube Content: For this particular demonstration, the cubes used as an interface to display the projections are made out of foam board, a lightweight and cost effective material. However, if you were to perform this demonstration on the street, we would recommend utilisation of a durable material such as plastic acrylic.

Cube 1:
  • Rectangle – 25cm H x 59cm W
  • ‘Amnesty International’ logo
  • Static content
Cube 2:
  • 25cm H x 59cm W
  • Amnesty achievement statement
  • Note, the statement will be a maximum of 20 words
  • Dynamic content
Cube 3:
  • Cube – 59cm H x 59cm W
  • Selfie face mosaic
  • Dynamic Content
Cube 4:
  • Rectangle – 25cm H x 59cm W
  • ‘#FacesOfAmnesty’
  • Static content
Further Specifications
  • Space between cubes – 15cm H
  • Full dimensions from top to bottom cube  – 179cm H x 59cm W
  • Cubes height off of ground – 200cm H
  • Pole with stand to support cubes – 379cm H
  • Projector height, angle and distance from cubes – Dependent on setup.


Equipment & Resources Description Additional Equipment Amount
Projector The projector will be used to projection map onto the interface (cubes). Power cable

VGA/HDMI cable

Projector Towers Waterproof projector towers will be used to house the projectors in order to keep them safe and stable. n/a 2
Internet Access Will need access to internet to transfer photos to Dropbox and access to Twitter. Ethernet/Hotspot n/a
Laptops [Preferably Mac] The laptops will be used to map out the projection onto the cubes. Note, each laptop must have Modul8 installed. Modul8


VGA port

Charging cables

Software [Modul8] Live projection mapping software, with documentation containing the projection template for content manipulation. n/a 2
Amnesty iPads These will be used to allow members of the public to take selfies with, the photo will automatically be sent to a Dropbox folder where it can be manipulated for projection. The iPads will also be used to Tweet the final image onto an Amnesty feed #FacesofAmnesty. Dropbox

Amnesty International logged into to Twitter

Secured/chained to ensure the iPads are secure

Gazebos To house the projectors in their towers and those manipulating the projection onto the cubes, as well as a ‘photobooth’ gazebo with a white background in order to take high quality ‘selfies’ for successful projection results. Amnesty International branded gazebos

2 x tables

2 x chairs

White backdrops

Volunteers Handing out leaflets, distributing Amnesty information and technical equipment management (laptops & projectors). n/a 4+
Power Will need to hook up to The Bearpit’s power outlets in order to run the projectors and laptops. Extension cables (3 pin plugs)

Generator as backup

As required
Electrical Tape To ensure that cables cannot be tripped over, are secure and meet health and safety regulations. n/a As required

Conceptual Setup:17357507_10211558802672859_102198623_o