The Faces of Amnesty

Interaction Design – Society & Technology


Week 9

Week 9: User Journeys & Personas

The Design Brief is just about ready for submission in preparation for Thursday 16th March. As a result we have agreed on the project idea, taking into account technicalities, resources and equipment, constraints and our overall visualisation for the project outcome.... Continue Reading →


Week 9: Global Identity Toolkit

The global identity toolkit for Amnesty International will assist us in the creation of our A0 poster for the presentation and viva assessment session. Amnesty black hex code - #231F20 Amnesty yellow hex code - #FFF101 References: Amnesty International (2013)... Continue Reading →

Week 9: The Faces of Amnesty – Content

Prisoners of Conscience: "55,000 prisoners of conscience freed since 1961." OR "65,000 messages from people worldwide help to free Filip Karma, a prisoner of conscience. Power to the people." Urgent Access Network: "Amnesty’s Urgent Action Network includes 165,000 people from... Continue Reading →

Week 8: Workshop & The Report

In this workshop, we went through the report in detail as well as the submission elements in preparation for 3 weeks time. The report must cover: What you've done What could have been done better How you did it How... Continue Reading →

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